Notes on a theme...
Survivor spoilers ahead, for those of you who watch, and haven't seen last night's episode.

Two people frakking QUIT. 28 days in. 11 days to go. A one in nine shot at winning the title of sole survivor and a million bucks. Quit. Hundreds...maybe thousands of people would have done practically anything to trade places with them (myself included), and they just QUIT.

I don't understand this. I never quite got the whole 'give up' mentality. I can't think of anything I've quit. I've never had the opportunity to compete in a game for a million dollars, and I've never had to spend the better part of 28 days cold and wet, but I'd like to think that for a measly 39 days out of the rest of my life (which could easily be 80 years) I could dig a little deeper and find another gear.

I was talking to a friend at work today, and he's pretty anti social, but a Survivor fan. We talked about this phenomenon. He mentioned that you don't have to look at the end game and drive yourself to last 11 more days. You just have to break it down into manageable chunks. If it's fifteen minutes, then you do whatever it takes to make it through the next fifteen minutes.

They get to stay at the Ponderosa for the next 11 days, and they get to (get this) VOTE on the jury. They get to have a say in who wins the game they just QUIT. They get to stand in judgement of the final three.

I'm spitting mad about it. I know, it's just reality tv, but like I said before: it's been my singular goal to get onto this show for YEARS and it just pisses me off no end.

So there.

Survivor Contest
Survivor is having a contest. I make an awesome 60 second video, and submit it to CBS. The producers pick the best ones and post them on the website for votes. The person with the most votes wins an opportunity for a face to face interview with the casting people for Survivor.

Now, if you've ever had a conversation that lasted more than fifteen minutes with me, you know that my singular goal in life has been to get onto Survivor. I'm ABSOLUTELY convinced that if I could get face to face with the producers, they'd put me on the show. If I made it onto the show, I'd win.

So, here's where all of YOU come in:

1. I need ideas for my video.

2. I need you to vote for my video (and get all of your friends to vote, too) often throughout the voting period.

Can I depend on y'all?


to do list...
My to do list is longer than my 'time available' list. Rawr!

I have to:
1. finish a new bow for Drizella
2. finish Buttons' horn, and figure out how to attach it. Also have to trim the pink extension on the wig.
3. Do a few finishing touches on Lala.
4. Make a wand holster for Bellatrix, add the eyelets and lacing to the sleeves, add the streak to the wig, restyle the wig, go pick up the boots for the costume, and paint in the swirls on the dress.
5. Finish the Daken costume for Clark.
6. Help with finishing touches for Deadpool for Clark.
7. Go grocery shopping.
8. Clean the house.
9. Go to the bank.

Also, I have to work today and tomorrow, and we're leaving early Wednesday morning.

This just seems like a LOT of effort to play dress up for a few days...


Work and other things over which I have no control
So, I just found out today that no matter what my personal performance has been over the past year, there is NO way for me to score above 50 on my annual review.  That means several things and begs several questions.  

First, you might wonder why I care, considering there's a salary freeze, and I wasn't going to get a raise anyway.  Well, a score below 50 equates to a rating of 'needs development', which means I go on a written warning; the time to be determined by my district manager.  This means, in turn, that I will not be eligible to receive the annual bonus which I earned last year.  

I'm pissed because the reason I can't score higher than 46.5 is because of what they call 'side a' metrics.  Those are things like how much money the store made and how much we spent in payroll.  Things that we were on track to EXCEL in, but then the bottom fell out of the economy, and I get to  pay for it now. 

For those of you who don't know, I have been in my current position at this store for about 1 year and 4 months.  I was promoted from a store in Plano, from Supervisor to Assistant Manager, in October of '06.  All managers have an annual review in February.  Therefore, it came to pass (I've always wanted to use that phrase) that my review was conducted a mere four months after I began my new position, and the score wasn't great.  The store I worked in before earned Store of the Year (due in part to my contributions), and my review sucked because I was rated only on what I'd done for the four months prior.  It's as if the work I did for the 8 months before (at the store of the year) never happened.  I was told then that I would receive a 6 month review, and a raise at that time.  I was awarded a 22 cent raise.  For those of you that aren't math wizards, that doesn't even cover one Sarbucks visit.  Oh, but not to worry, in another six months, I was to receive another review, which would be stellar, and that would be accompanied by a nice raise.  

That's the review I'm getting in a couple of weeks.  No raise.  No bonus.  Written up for some undetermined period of improvement.  Oh, did I mention that even if we knock it out of the park this year, I won't be eligible to earn any portion of my bonus for the duration of my improvement period.  Yeah, now I really want to bust my ass and do well.  

OH, and we're budgeted for numbers that we can't possibly make, unless baby Jesus takes pity on us and does something amazing to the economy. 

So, in the coming weeks I can look forward to a shitty review, coupled with a write up in my file, and accompanied by a big fat no bonus.  

In the coming months I can look forward to increasingly poorer performance, coupled with more 'coaching' and attempts to meet goals that are unattainable.  I can also look forward to hearing more and more whining from staff about how I just don't care enough about them, and I'm placing too much pressure on them to *gasp* sell things and *wha* greet customers.  If I'd only not pressure them so much, they'd be much better at their jobs.  As evidenced by the current state of our business.  Yes, that was sarcasm.

The long and short of it is:

Does anyone have a job for a talented, qualified retail manager?  Office manager?  Executive Assistant?  Editor?  ANYTHING!

Social Networking
Wow.  Who knew it would be so complicated to socially network.  Just when I get used to one website, I find another one I just have to join!  Whew...maybe I'll figure this thing out someday, and it'll be wildly entertaining...
Until then...just keep chuckling at my goof-ups.


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